Animation rig and controls
Animation rig in action
Alternate frame I made during look dev
Disney XD
For this project the main challenge was creating an animation rig that allowed the team to create complex and intricate animations on a large number of object quickly and easily, while still allowing for room customizing and fine tuning. During development, I created a rig that was able to handle hundreds of objects, each one containing its own controls which were driven from a set of falloffs triggering a succession of poses. Once all poses were set, the timing and animation was still able to be refined without creating a single keyframe. 
Client: Disney XD
Studio: Capacity
Creative Director: Ellerey Gave, Benji Thiem
My Role: 3D Lead, Rigging, Animation, Compositing
Designers: Jonathon Larson, Mitsuka Thiem
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