Original style frames
Incomm network experience.
Incomm came to Capacity looking to create a visual experience to feature their vast interconnected network. Using the six images supplied by the client, it was our task to design and develop a world where all these vingnettes could take place and feel the network joining them together. The images with camera mapped, enviroments totally recreated and all the characters where modeled with a high level of detail so we had the highest amount of latitude when it came to animating the camera within each scene. We went through an extensive design process to get the network look and feel just right for the client, multiple particle systems were developed to give the most amount of control in the development stage and the entire spot was rendered with Octane.
Client: Incomm
Studio: Capacity
Creative Director: Ellerey Gave
My Role: Director, Art Direction, 3D
Modeling: Mitsuka Thiem
Design/Animation: Stephan Panicara, Blake Fawley, Jonathon Larson, Kenny Lutz, Conor Scully
Music/SFX: Echolab
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